For most people, the plan goes like this: grow up, go to college, get married, have kids. Somewhere in there you buy a house, then a bigger house. City life or country, the timeline remains consistent. But not for me.

When I was 15, I had a baby. When I was 22, I got sober. When I was 36 I took the leap and got married, then divorced at 39. I graduated Canada College with an A.S. in Liberal Studies in 2012 after over 20 years at junior colleges, taking off time to be a mom for several years. In May 2015 I will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Human Service from Notre Dame de Namur University.

My child, my sobriety, and my families have been invaluable assets and inspiration on my path. I believe we all have two families; our family of origin and our family of choice. Both have helped me grow and become who I am, and continue to develop into.

Day 2: Megan is wearing the same outfit my mom brought me home from the hospital in.









Our first Christmas together. I think  we were both exhausted.










I don’t know where she gets her sassy attitude.







Summer 2014. She really is the love of my life.









Graduate! May 2012







New Years Eve with some of the girls









5th Annual Target Shopping in our Pajamas Night









Maui 2014


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